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Bernadette Murorunkwere


Hello there! My name is Bernadette Murorunkwere, I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner across the life span, and I am the owner of Sunflower Mental Health Clinic PLLC. I earned my Master’s degree in Science of Nursing from Walden University in 2020. I also obtained my Bachelor degree in Nursing sciences in 2008 from Wrights State University, Dayton -Ohio, after what I worked in various mental health settings for 13 years. I have active APRN licenses in states of Texas, New Mexico and New York.

I am qualified to provide a safe therapeutic mental health care with evidence-based practice including but not limited to medication management and psychotherapy modalities. I treat mood disorders, MDD, Bipolar, Anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, personality disorders, Psychosis, substance use/abuse, intellectual disabilities, and cognitive disorders. My goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you to overcome mental illness , revive your hope, and reduce mental health stigma.

I look forward to working with you, so come visit me at Sunflower so we can start together a new day with a sunshine at you face. The best is up to come. Please book online or call us. Will be happy to serve you.

Nadia Theys


Bilingual : English & Spanish

My name is Nadia Theys. I am a Lifespan, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified in the state of Texas. In my practice, I have been very successful with the holistic approach to patient care in the treatment of mental health issues. I  started my Nursing career as a psychiatric nurse and worked my way up. I received my Master’s degree and Post-Master's Certificate as a PMHNP at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). Early in my career I was usually put in the position of leadership and mentoring therefore to utilize those skills. I am currently part of the Faculty at UTRGV PMHNP post-master’s certificate program as a clinical assistant professor. From my love of the healthcare profession to my empathetic nature as a driving force,  I remain steadfast in my abilities and I am passionate about my practice. Embracing change and finding the knowledge to navigate charter waters is one of my unique qualities. My experience includes Lifespan psychiatry, Addiction Disease, and Geriatric Psychiatry as a  Hospitalist.

I am bicultural and bilingual in Spanish and English, and embracing diversity is another one of my strengths. In my spare time, I am an avid reader, I am interested in getting to know about other cultures and languages. I am a lifelong learner, I believe in the pursuit of knowledge to enhance social inclusion, remove barriers to the delivery of mental health,  and promote constant personal growth.

Nadia Theys